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Become the Authority Expert in your Industry by becoming an Author!
How To: Write & Self-Publish Your 1st Non-Fiction Book 
Even If You Don't Know How To Write or Think You Have The Time! 
 100% Content!    *No Fluff  *No Gimmicks *No Sales! 

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Marcos Orozco

Best Selling Author, Founder of BookFamous and Gentepreneur.com
What You Will Learn On This Free Online Master-Class:
3 Dirty Little Secrets and Myths About Traditional Publishing Companies 
3 Dirty little secrets traditional publishing companies don’t want you to know!   
We are pulling back the curtain and exposing secrets and myths traditional publishing don’t want you to know and how it benefits you.
The 4 Most Important Questions  You Must Ask Yourself B4 You Start
4 Important question you MUST ASK YOURSELF before you even start.
(These simple questions will help you clarify and organize your thoughts. This process alone will increase your success rate by 75%)

5 Simple Steps To Write & Self-Publish Your 1st Best Selling Book
5 Simple steps to write and self-publis
your book. (This simple system will make it possible for anyone including my 7 year old son to become an author now. It’s simple like paint with numbers and proven by over thousands of modern day authors just like you)

How Can Becoming A Best Selling Author Help You?
  • Increase Your Influence - Image becoming more impactful with your purpose!
  • Expand Your Brand - A book can help you build and increase your perceived value!
  • Leverage Your Message - Your message is powerful and people need to read it!
  • Attract Incredible Opportunities  - Door can open up for you because of your book!
  • Clients and Customers Chase You  - Stop chasing clients.. They will chase you!
  • Become The Go-To Expert In Your Industry - You can't spell Authority with out Author..
  • Promote Your Business, Service or Product - No better way to stand-out thank your book!
  • Generate Qualified Lead - Target leads that need your help and will pay and appreciate you more!
  • Connect With Powerful People - Get past the gate-keepers now.. Use your book like a magic wand!
Jeniffer Alburquerque
"Healthy Gut, Happy You"
Gary Vaynerchuk
"Crushing It" 
Manny Fernandez
"How to Make Money Investing"
Do you feel like you haven’t reached your full potential?
Having a hard time attracting quality clients that appreciate your product or service?
Are you frustrated with less qualified competition lowering their price and taking your customers?
Do you want to write a book but don’t know where to start or don’t thing you have time?

Well it’s not your fault.. We live in a noisy world full of distractions and it’s becoming more difficult to stand out and get the attention and trust you need to make a positive impact! On top of that , writing a book can be difficult, expensive and time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

The good news is that becoming a Bestselling Author can help you become the only obvious choice and it’s never been easier to fulfill your dream of becoming an author!

In this free online training event, you will learn just about everything you need to know to increase your influence, leverage your message, attract quality clients and make more money while you make a positive impact to those who need your help the most even if you don’t consider yourself a writer and don’t think you have the time.

This is free training is 100% content, no fluff, no sales pitch at the end! 
And for attending we will give you : 

A resource sheet
Self publishing checklist
And a gift worth $597 just for attending!

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100% Training!  No Fluff, No Gimmicks, No Sales Guaranteed!
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